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Geographical breakdown of ontology for soda vs pop vs coke in the USA
September 07,2023
Selecting the Correct Class Label Ontology

Discover why choosing the right class labels is pivotal for top-tier computer vision models. Learn when label issues arise and how to establish the right labeling system. Plus, find out how to communicate your ontology choices to stakeholders and add new labels as required.

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Improving model effectiveness beyond mAP as a metric
August 29,2023
How to Improve your Models Effectively - Beyond mAP as a Metric

By the end of this blog post, you should be able to: - Understand the best practices behind iterative model improvement and why mAP plays one part of an overall model improvement strategy - Identify the phases of model improvement and when to use the ideal strategy - Project mod...

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Similarity and Diversity
August 25,2023
Similarity and Diversity: The Core Foundations of Robust Computer Vision Models

In the vibrant field of artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision stands out as one of the most fascinating and rapidly evolving sub-disciplines. Its goal, put simply, is to enable machines to 'see' and understand the visual world around them. Achieving this requires models t...

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Generate any situation with synthetic data
August 21,2023
The Business Value of Synthetic Data: Accelerating Growth While Reducing Costs

In the contemporary data-driven business landscape, acquiring quality data for machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) applications is a top priority. However, real-world data can be challenging to collect, clean, and structure. That's where synthetic data steps in...

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Synthetic Data, Generative AI, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
May 23,2023
How to Generate Synthetic 3D Data with Bifrost

Create a account and start generating synthetic data today! Contact us at to enable access to the generative channels you need.

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