Build AI in hours instead of months

Generate your own simulated datasets using 3D graphics. Do away with months of data collection and costly labelling.

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Why is our data better ?


Get your data in a matter of hours instead of months


Higher precision and accuracy of labels.


Procedurally simulate rare and dangerous events.

Use cases

Capture rare and critical defects for industrial inspection.

Generate cracks, dents, rust and other defects on high value assets such as jet engines and complex machinery. 

Expand satellite imaging capabilities for new locales & objects

Programmatically create datasets for your entire inventory of items and simulate complex conditions to improve model accuracy

Object detection for huge inventories or complex task

Automate dataset creation for your entire inventory of items and simulate complex conditions to improve model performance

How it works 

Instead of capturing data from the real world, Bifrost generates photorealistic 3D worlds. These worlds let us capture rich & varied data at a fraction of the time and cost.

1. Select items & enviroments

Specify the items you would like to have in your scene and the type of environment 

2. Select your data & label types

Select from the various types of sensors, labels and industry label formats

3. Generate Data

Our engine procedurally varies lighting, orientation, occlusions, objects and textures to produce varied data

4. Train your AI 

Our data is exported in popular dataset formats so that it can be immediately integrated into your AI development process

Don't let data slow you down

Get in touch with us and learn how you can supercharge your AI development today!

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